Setting your browser startpage

Apple Safari | Google Chrome | Opera

Download Mozilla Firefox

1.Drag this StacksOn icon and drop it onto the "house" icon at the top of your browser window.
2.Select "Yes" from the popup window.
3.That's it!


Mozilla Firefox
1. While you are on your start page, select "Tools" in the menu and click "Options".
2. In the "Options" Window, select "General".
3. Click "Use Current Page". Make sure your start page is the only tab open. If not it will set all your tabs as start pages.

Download Apple Safari
Apple Safari
1. While you are on your start page, select the "Safari" from the menu bar and click "Preferences...".
2. Select the "General" tab.
3. Click "Set to Current Page".

Download Google Chrome
Google Chrome
1. Select "Options" in the menu.
2. Next to "On Startup" select "Open the home page".
3. Next to "Home page" select "Open this page".
4. In the field next to "Open this page" type in the adress of your start page.

Download Opera
1. Click on the "Navigation" menu and click on "Set Home".
2. In the "Global Home Page" field, type the URL of your start page.
3. Select the "Save Windows" checkbox.
4. When launching Opera, click on "Home".